Collect data, process data, and generate a report in as little as 5 minutes.

Enhance Curriculum for Teaching Clinical Gait Analysis

Educators use data from the PKMAS gait analysis software and Zeno Walkway gait analysis system to illuminate the gait cycle for their students and define, “what is gait?”

With Protokinetics’ gait analysis system, educators can demonstrate that observational gait analysis (OGA) can be enhanced with objective and quantitative data. This helps to discover underlying reasons for gait abnormalities which may not be uncovered by observation alone. Only instrumentation can discover subtle, underlying causes for the deviation and can significantly change intervention protocols.

This data can be a helpful adjunct to observational gait analysis in studying conditions that lead to gait abnormalities in patients with stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and many other conditions. Our flexible software allows for the development of new protocols to be collected and exported.

A Critical Tool for Physical Therapists.

The data collected by ProtoKinetics’ PKMAS software and Zeno Walkway mat is used by physical therapists to track the efficacy of clinical decisions for rehabilitation, surgery, adaptive devices, sports medicine, assessing the progression of physical therapy, the improvement or regression of conditions and diseases, and many more applications.

Physical therapists are experts in analyzing human movement, yet most have been trained only in observational gait analysis (OGA). Unfortunately, using OGA alone tends to focus on gross deviations in the patient’s gait and frequently misses more subtle deviations, resulting in a potentially incomplete analysis.

The ProtoKinetics gait analysis software and gait analysis system add to the physical therapist’s tools with gait data such as:

  • temporal and spatial parameters
  • coefficient of variation
  • footfall
  • relative pressure
  • step and stride
  • gait phase
  • gait cycle
  • velocity
  • distance
  • coordinates
  • Center of Pressure (COP)
  • static measurements such as quiet standing
  • and more.

How Do PKMAS Software and Zeno Walkway Compare to Other Gait Analysis Systems?

The ease with which PKMAS software and the Zeno walkway mat collect gait data make them far superior to other gait analysis systems.

The Protokinetics Gait Analysis System is not camera-based or IMU-based. It requires no extensive calibration, no sensors on the subject’s body, no reflective markers, and no lengthy processing time.

The Zeno Walkway mat is a pressurized walkway with cabling that connects to a computer. It can be rolled out and set up in 5 minutes or less. No setup of the patient is required and nothing is placed on their body.

Data can be collected continuously – the test subject can walk up and down the Zeno as often as possible to collect the appropriate sample size. The majority of trials are processed in less than 1 minute. Continuous data collection allows for the collection of Dual Tasking, FSST, TUG, and other established protocols.

Data output: Temporal-Spatial Gait, Center of Pressure trajectories, Relative Pressure, COMe.