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Our products deliver highly accurate measurements for a wide variety of conditions which affect gait or balance.

By dynamically measuring gait and balance, ProtoKinetics’ data and analysis tools allow clinicians and researchers to make accurate measurements and objective assessments.

Accurately measure baselines before orthopaedic surgery to improve rehabilitation outcomes.

Accurately measure gait and balance in patients with neurological conditions, cerebral palsy, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, concussion, and many others conditions.

Zeno Walkway - Setup in 5 minutes

The Zeno™ Walkway can be rolled out in less than 5 minutes and can be easily set up in any clinic, hospital, classroom, gait analysis lab or biomechanics lab. This gait analysis walkway mat, along with our PKMAS gait analysis software, uses pressure sensing technology to calculate key variables for gait, balance, and other movement protocols. It can be installed permanently or remain portable.

PKMAS Software for better Gait Analysis

PKMAS gait analysis software effortlessly records and outputs temporal, spatial and pressure measurements for a wide variety of testing protocols. It can be used to test forward and backward walking, transitional movements, balance, running, jumping, hopping, and more.

ProtoKinetics is the leading developer of gait analysis systems for use in research, clinical trials, education, hospitals, sports medicine and rehabilitation clinics.

Our products are used by Johns Hopkins Hospital, Vanderbilt University, Boston Children’s Hospital, Providence VA, San Diego Naval Research Center, Columbia University, and many other healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and research institutions.

Optimal data, unrivaled support

Zeno™ Walkway and PKMAS gait analysis software produce optimal footfall identification and biomechanical data across a wide array of nontraditional gait, turning, and standing studies.

PKMAS can also be used with other walkways, such as the GAITRite™ mat.

The ProtoKinetics team provides unrivaled support for our customers.

We teach our clients at a university level, including best practices to implement and utilize our technology. We also assist in designing clinical research studies, including protocol design.

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