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Zeno Walkway System

The Zeno Walkway System is a pressure sensitive walkway used to collect data during gait, balance and other movement protocols. When combined with ProtoKinetics Movement Analysis Software (PKMAS) the system provides robust analysis of human movement.  

  • Durable 2 or 3 layer configuration
  • Portable roll up design
  • No equipment needs to be worn
  • System sizes to fit your needs 


PKMAS efficiently provides spatiotemporal analysis of gait and center of pressure data. Built-in automated protocols for gait, balance, and Four Square Step Test have simple collection with descriptive data output. The accurate measures allow for identification of gait deviations, comparisons of walking conditions and tracking of patient progress and treatment efficacy.

PKMAS Measures

  • Velocity and Cadence
  • Step and Stride Length
  • Gait Phase Timing
  • COP Path Lengths
  • Cyclogram
  • Enhanced Gait Variability Index
  • Asymmetry Index
  • Relative Pressure

Analyze and Assess

  • Walking
  • Standing balance
  • Four Square Step Test
  • Jumping
  • Transitional Movements
  • And much more

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