About Us
ProtoKinetics, a leader in gait analysis measurement tools, provides specialized technology for assessing human performance. We are a team of engineers and biomechanists dedicated to data, advancing technology, human function, and helping others lead better lives. Our company aims to provide the tools that will become standard in the medical community for human performance evaluations and to facilitate improved healthcare, ultimately assisting people to retain, gain or regain the independence so integral to their daily lives. Since ProtoKinetics founding in April 2012, our equipment has helped transform research at key institutions and better treat patients at major hospitals. 

ProtoKinetics core products, PKMAS software and Zeno walkway, provide a platform for researchers and clinicians to build custom protocols to evaluate real world movements. ProtoKinetics Zeno Walkway and PKMAS yield optimal footfall identification and output parameters across a wide array of nontraditional gait, turning, and standing studies. PKMAS can also be used with alternative walkways, such as the GAITRite™ mat.

ProtoKinetics has partnered with Cometa EMG, based in Milan, Italy to distribute wireless EMG systems as a stand alone units or paired with a gait analysis system. Cometa EMG systems offer the lightest probes on the market, on-board memory, accelerometers, and waterproofing options.  ProtoKinetics is also the sole-provider of the Mobilaser visual cueing technology researched and developed by the Mayo Clinic. 

ProtoKinetics, headquartered in Havertown,PA, sells products directly to hospitals, universities, clinics, and rehabilitation centers in the Americas and globally through our relationship with talented distributors. 
The ProtoKinetics team is dedicated to our customers and we look forward to hearing how we can enhance your lab and clinic.