Our Team

Y. Chang, PhD

  • President, CEO and Chief Scientist / Software Activities
  • Undergraduate education in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at UCLA and UC Irvine
  • Graduate education in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at UCLA (MS/PhD) and USC (PhD)
  • Lecturer in Computer Science and Mathematics at USC
  • Consultant to UCLA Dental Research Institute, Brain Research Institute, and Neuro Psychiatric Institute
  • Consultant to IBM Scientific Center

Michael Rowling

  • COO, Director of Business Development
  • Undergraduate education, BS in Kinesiology from William and Mary
  • President of Medical Analytical Products – provided medical technology solutions for the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders
  • Managing Director of marketing, sales, customer support and research for CIR Systems GAITRite™; also, coordinated international sales and support

Constantin Trantzas

  • President of ZenoMetrics, Dir. Product Development & Quality System
  • Inventor of the GAITRite™ and Zeno™ Walkway System with multiple patents in the area of pressure sensing technology
  • Undergraduate education, BEEE degree in Biomedical Engineering, from Stonybrook
  • Specializes in the design and manufacturing of Medical Devices and has extensive
    experience with Quality Control Systems

Arnaud Gouelle, PhD

  • Director of the Gait and Balance Academy, Gait Disorder Specialist
  • PhD in Sport Sciences and Motor Control from University of Paris Sud in France
  • Clinical engineer, head of the Gait & Motion Analysis Unit at one of most important pediatric hospitals in France, where he had several years of experience with neurological diseases
  • Industrial post doc as specialist engineer for gait and motion analysis
  • Published several papers in leading journals, with a main research interest on gait stability and motor variability
  • Peer reviewer in 15 leadings journals

Patrick Roscher, MS

  • Chief Technical Support Engineer/Training, Help Desk Support, Data Management
  • Undergraduate education in Natural Sciences with a concentration in Mathematics at St. John’s University (MN)
  • Graduate education in biomedical engineering concentrating in human biomechanics at
    Marquette University (MS)
  • Technical Specialist at the clinical gait laboratory at Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, concentrating in analyzing gait, reporting data, and assisting in treatment recommendations
  • Peer reviewer of articles for Journal of Biomechanics

Victoria Light Whitehead, PhD

  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Undergraduate education in Animal Sciences at Auburn University (AL)
  • Graduate (PhD) education in biomedical engineering and exercise physiology from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, concentrating in human and animal comparative gait analysis
  • Assistant Developer of CIR Systems’ GAITFour™, GAIT4Dog™, and GAIT4Lite™
  • Multiple peer reviewed articles and speaking engagements