Wearable Sensor Validation

Zeno Walkway System

Our Zeno Walkway System calculates temporal spatial gait data from pressure sensors which measure direct foot contact data. The system knows where and when a foot is on the ground without the need for any signal interpretations, leading to accurate output you can trust.

Wearable Sensor Analysis

The use of IMU-based wearable sensor systems to analyze temporal spatial gait relies on algorithms that take linear and angular acceleration signals and compute displacement and gait event data. The interpolated acceleration signals are used to calculate temporal spatial gait data.

walking mat for gait analysis

Wearable Sensor Validation

In order to use a wearable sensor system for gait analysis, it is necessary to validate the system for the specific collection protocol and subject population to ensure accuracy of the data. Comparing data from a wearable system to a direct measurement system, such as the Zeno Walkway System, is a perfect way to validate the use of wearable systems for temporal spatial gait analysis.

Zeno Walkway is already being used for this purpose in research and validation by industry leaders


Apple identified gait speed, step length, double support time and walking asymmetry as key indicators for overall health. In a published white paper, they compared data from their device to the Zeno Walkway System to compute the accuracy of their system.  

Read the article here.



Researchers from the United States Food and Drug Administration have set out test how using different sensor placement and different algorithms affects the accuracy of a wearable system for gait analysis. They tested five different sensor locations and five different algorithms to calculate common temporal spatial gait metrics. The output was compared to synchronized data from a Zeno Walkway System.

Read more here


Validate Measures

  • Gait Speed
  • Stride and Step Length
  • Stride Width
  • Stance and Swing Time
  • Single and Double Support Time
  • Gait Cycle Events
  • Gait Variability Measures

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