ProtoKinetics – The World Leader in Gait Analysis & Assessment Systems

ProtoKinetics develops technology for assessing gait and balance. Our equipment and gait analysis software are used widely throughout the healthcare community to collect biomechanical data for evaluating human performance and to facilitate improved healthcare in order for patients to retain or regain their ability to walk.

We are a team of engineers and biomechanists dedicated to simplifying actionable data collection, advancing technology, and building products which help patients regain their independence by analyzing gait and balance to improve mobility. Since our start in April 2012, the ProtoKinetics Zeno™ Walkway Gait Analysis System and PKMAS (ProtoKinetics Movement Analysis Software) have provided meaningful data for clinicians and researchers to better understand gait function during clinical intervention at major hospitals and research at key institutions.

Our core products provide a platform for researchers and clinicians to build custom protocols to evaluate real world gait analysis. Zeno™ Walkway and PKMAS produce optimal footfall identification and biomechanical data across a wide array of nontraditional gait, turning, and standing studies. PKMAS can also be used with alternative walkways, such as the GAITRite™ mat.

The ProtoKinetics team is unique in that we provide unrivaled support for our customers. We teach our clients at a university level, including best practices to implement and utilize our technology, including successful protocol implementation in 21CFR11 clinical trial environments.