PKMAS Software for GAITRite™

ProtoKinetics Movement Analysis Software (PKMAS) is an alternative for data collection and gait analysis on a GAITRite™ Walkway.
PKMAS will collect walks from a Platinum GAITRite™ Carpet and reprocess Gold GAITRite™ trials.

PKMAS gait analysis software enables more data collection in less time, including

  • additional protocols
  • precise footfall identification
  • 140 exclusive output measures
  • testing flexibility with multi-pass walks
  • gait initiation
  • and static data collection.

It also provides new output variables from the GAITRite™ Carpet.

* GAITRite™ Walkway and GAITRite™ Software are registered trademarks of CIR Systems, Inc.
ProtoKinetics is not affiliated with CIR, maker of GAITRite™ System.

“I cannot say enough great things about the ease of use and processing, as well as the enormous amount of additional data PKMAS delivers.”

J. Frame, Indiana University

Watch walk file data videos for PKMAS for GAITRite™

PKMAS replaying GAITRite™ walk trial data

Demonstrates how PKMAS allows you to correct GAITRite™ data for analysis. Showcases a client using a walker, and how to remove walker tracks and correct overlapping footfalls.

Client with Parkinson’s Disease Turning

GAITRite™ Walkway data being visualized and analyzed with PKMAS software.

Client without Gait Anomalies Turning

Zeno™ Walkway data being visualized and analyzed with PKMAS software.

Compare this normal gait with the Parkinson’s gait data just above.