Join ProtoKinetics at the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting 2019 in Washington, D.C.!

Connect with ProtoKinetics January 23rd – 26th at Booth 812

Learn how ProtoKinetics can:

  • Help improve patient care
  • Identify early deviations in gait function
  • Track gait in degenerative conditions and diseases
  • Record and analyze pre-intervention and post-intervention data.
  • Capture detailed information which cannot be obtained by observational gait analysis.
  • Enhance pre-intervention and post-intervention testing based on unique variables.
  • Extract gait analysis data points instantly.
  • Bolster student research through an easy to learn system interface
  • Accurately measure and define single support time in patients post-stroke
  • Track step length progress in patients with balance impairment
  • Show improvement or decline in geriatric conditions
  • Establish baselines and progress/regress/decline in patients with degenerative condition

Get a live demo with ProtoKinetics at APTA CSM 2019!

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