The first article authored by the Gait and Balance Academy has been released this fall, in the October issue of Kinésithérapie Scientifique. Intended to French- speaking physiotherapists, the reader can find in this monthly magazine number of fundamental and experiential knowledge: professional, scientific, biomechanical, medical, surgical, which are the basis for a responsible professional practice. The article focuses on the spatiotemporal parameters of gait and has been written in collaboration with Dr Fabrice Mégrot (Ph.D.), Gait Analysis service manager (Clinical Unit of Gait and Movement Analysis) at the Physical Rehabilitation Center for children of Bois-Larris, French Red Cross.

If we are looking forward to publishing article by GaBA in internationally well-known journal with impact factor, we consider that also contributes to more practical journals like Kinésithérapie Scientifique helps to reduce the gap between the research and the daily practice. Moreover, writing such an article needs a different approach than writing a scientific paper that it is a good exercise regarding pedagogical skills!

Gouelle A, Mégrot F.
L’analyse fonctionnelle de la marche
Kinésithérapie Scientifique 2016;580:31-42


The spatial and temporal parameters (STP) of the gait are nowadays unavoidable in clinical analysis. The functional analysis of how a patient is walking is a specific assessment and is listed in the French medical classification for clinical procedures. Moreover, rehabilitation and recuperative care facilities have now to get access to a gait analysis system, either locally or by agreement with another clinical site. However, the use of STP remains often superficial when it provides extensive information about both functional aspect and control of gait. This article aims to (re)discover, in detail, the STP and guide the reader for the clinical analysis.

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