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Movement Disorders

Zeno Walkway System Powered by PKMAS Software

ProtoKinetics provides the Zeno Walkway System powered by PKMAS Software to provide objective temporal-spatial gait metrics and center of pressure data. Our mission is to improve patient’s quality of life by providing researchers and clinicians with accurate gait and balance measurements, used to verify and validate interventions to increase and maintain mobility and independence. 


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Temporal-Spatial Gait Data

The Zeno Walkway system can be used to calculate temporal-spatial gait data for even the most complex gait patterns. While processing gait data involving freezing of gait, assistive device use, overlapping footfalls, or variable patterns, The Zeno Walkway System efficiently provides accurate measures which can be used for tracking treatment efficacy or disease progression. The video the left shows the walking pattern of a single patient under three different walking conditions. PKMAS allows the difference in gait performance to be quantified.

The Zeno Walkway and PKMAS are commonly used in research, clinical testing, and education to help understand general gait function, Parkinsonian gait, ataxic gait, and freezing of gait. 

Collaboration between ProtoKinetics and the University of Florida College of Medicine

lead the proposal of a Global Ambulation Score (GAS) in the Friedreich’s Ataxia population. Using temporal-spatial gait data collected on the Zeno Walkway and processed with PKMAS, the authors proposed a new score combining gait organization measures with gait variability measures in an attempt to better describe gait quality.

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Research out of Wilfrid Laurier University examined the treatment effects of External Focus of Attention Exercise on dual task gait performance of a Parkinson’s disease population. The Zeno Walkway and PKMAS were used to calculate multiple temporal-spatial gait measurements to compare walking performance pre- and post-treatment. 

Visit the ProtoKinetics’ Gait and Balance Academy for educational content, including our post about Ataxic Gait!  

PKMAS has automated protocols for gait, transitional movements, the Four Square Step Test, and standing balance. Our standing balance protocol, The Limits of Stability, couples a quiet standing period with a period of voluntary sway in order to test standing balance performance. The video to the right shows how the sway area of a recent faller may differ from a non-faller.

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