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We are a team of engineers and biomechanists dedicated to simplifying data collection and developing technology that analyzes gait and balance of even the most difficult of gaits. o help patients understand their functional deficits to empower them to regain their independence by analyzing gait and balance to improve their mobility.

Our proprietary technology is PKMAS software and the Zeno Walkway, a powerful platform for physical therapists.

The data PKMAS and ZENO collect is used widely by physical therapists to track the efficacy of clinical decisions for rehabilitation, surgery outcomes, adaptive devices, the progression of physical therapy, improvement or regression of conditions and diseases, and many more applications. ProtoKinetics software is also useful in tracking progress in post-orthopaedic surgery, and progress or regression in patients with stroke, Parkinson’s disease, concussion, Alzheimer’s Disease, MS, spinal injuries, amputations, and many more progressive conditions and diseases.

PKMAS and the Zeno Walkway offer an opportunity for physical therapy labs to maximize efficiency, as lab staff can be trained in data collection while physical therapists interpret the gait parameters. This allows the therapist freedom to accurately observe how gait parameters change over time in response to clinical interventions.

Quantitative Gait Analysis (QGA) data collected by the ProtoKinetics platform adds to the physical therapist’s tools with:

  • temporal and spatial parameters
  • coefficient of variation
  • relative pressure
  • step and stride
  • gait phase
  • gait cycle
  • velocity
  • Center of Pressure (COP)

And it provides data to:

  • Quantify functional gait outcomes
  • Test intervention efficacy
  • Track and report recovery and disease progression longitudinally
  • Compare gait conditions to determine optimal performance with assistive devices, such as walker vs. cane or SMO vs. AFO (braces)
  • Show patients quantitative data to assist with patient compliance
  • Send quantitative clinical data to insurance carriers to speed reimbursement

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